Hands with gloves on making the heart sign

Frightfully chilly weather is an inevitable fact of life in the winter months. Whether your neck of the woods deals with whiteout blizzards or just a tinge of cold in the air, it’s crucial to keep climate in mind when preparing for holiday traditions and celebrations. As luck would have it, all the inspiration you need to enjoy your winter activities while keeping the cold at bay is all around you.


That’s Hot

Holding a cup of hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is the quintessential beverage of winter, preferably served in a cheery holiday mug and decked out with special toppings. Sharing a cup of hot cocoa is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of the holidays while keeping warm and cozy as the first flurries begin to frost.


A hot chocolate celebration begins with the setting. Set up a self-serve hot cocoa bar in your backyard using a card table, a slow cooker for keeping the cocoa warm, and reliable patio furniture covers to prevent any messy spillage. A wide variety of toppings from marshmallows to whipped cream are necessities, so be sure to have a large number of serving bowls and spoons on hand for your guests to personalize their cocoa with ease (a little Bailey’s Irish Crème is a splash of heaven for the adult set). Once everyone has poured themselves the perfect mug of joy, gather around the flames for a night of warmth and merriment. 


Pajama Rama

Couple wearing woolen socks, sitting in front of fireplace

Whether you’re a fan of traditional flannels, matching fleece or the holiday onesies of your childhood, everyone can agree that a chilly winter night spent relaxing in your jammies is the best kind of night. 


Get your cozy on by getting the family together for a winter wonderland pajama fest to create a new, special tradition. While you’re at it, get a head start on wrapping up this year’s presents with the help of a Gift Wrap Storage Bag. You can even set an alarm to take in the next morning’s sunrise with the added warmth of some blankets and hot coffee after removing your chair covers. There are literally no limits to the activities you can enjoy while keeping warm in your holly jolly pjs.


Shoot for the Stars 

Backyard stargazing is a beloved outdoor activity that can be enjoyed even in the chill of winter when you take the right precautions. Astronomy enthusiasts can vouch for increased star visibility in the winter months, which means you and your family can enjoy stellar views all season long.


Prepare for your evening of amateur astronomy by checking the forecast for the week. You will want to choose a clear night with no chance of rain or snow. When the evening comes near, spend the day removing any covers for outdoor furniture and setting up a comfortable spot in your backyard complete with blankets, pillows, and coats for the whole family. You can stay warm with a bonfire until night arrives and it’s time to douse the flames, put on your fire pit covers, and enjoy all the wonders of the night sky, from shooting stars to Orion’s Belt


Hollywood at Home

Bring all the magic of the movies right to your backyard with a DIY cinema for screening all the holiday classics. Whether you already have an outdoor TV set up or you’ll be going the DIY route with the help of a projector, keeping your guests warm once the sun sets should be your number one priority. 


Outdoor heaters, fire pits, and fireplaces are the most obvious solutions for keeping movie night guests cozy, but there are a number of out of the box solutions you can integrate to prevent any cold snaps:


  • An outdoor friendly rug will add some much-needed insulation to a cold patio floor and will keep toes warm and toasty all night long. 
  • Serving up hot and hearty snacks and drinks such as spiced cider or miniature grilled cheese & tomato soup combos is a simple way to get your guests warmed up while they enjoy a holiday flick.
  • Encourage your guests to don their coziest sweaters and winter accessories for your evening of cinematic festivity, and be sure to have extra hats, scarves, and blankets on hand for backup coziness.
  • Utilizing covers for outdoor furniture such as chair covers in the days leading up to your movie night under the stars ensures that your backyard furniture is protected from any moisture or chill that could potentially make your guests cold and uncomfortable.


Carol Comradery

Family doing door carol


There’s no better way to celebrate the arrival of the holidays than spreading cheer to all your neighbors. Caroling door to door is a rather old school tradition that you and your family can bring back in a big way with a little help from your friends regardless of the holiday you’re celebrating.

Gather up those nearest and dearest to you and take a journey through your neighborhood, making sure to stop at each and every door. Before you head out, be sure to properly secure your patio furniture covers and bundle up from pom-pom hat to cozy socks; it’s hard to get in the caroling spirit when you’re shivering cold.  And while your bunch may not be award-winning singers, it’s the effort and enthusiasm that counts most when it comes to caroling.