Having a patio to call one’s own is the dream of countless homeowners. When this dream finally comes true, some wonder what comes next in the process of creating a patio paradise. For many, adding an enclosure provides that extra touch of security and luxury that really seals the deal. As winter ends and spring begins, the time to invest in one of the many types of patio enclosures that are calling your name is here. Still unsure about whether or not an enclosure is the right choice for you? Here are just a handful of reasons why you should consider enclosing your patio.


Rain or Shine

Rain is an unavoidable fact of life, especially when spring rolls around (if you live in Florida or New Orleans, rainstorms are nothing short of a daily occurence). But why should you have to stay cooped up inside all day when it’s pouring outside? The addition of a glass enclosure to your patio allows you to enjoy the stunning views of your garden rain or shine. And there’s no denying that reading a good book while raindrops pitter patter on the glass around you is one of the most soothing, relaxing ways to spend an afternoon anyone can think of. If you value your relaxation time and appreciate a good view, a glass enclosure is the way to go. And for the intense sunny days of summer, a UV resistant furniture cover will keep your furniture looking fresh. 


Up in the Air

Up in the Air

Another springtime inevitability is the arrival of pollen, ragweed, and other airborne allergens. The effects of these irritants can range from a mild annoyance to being a full-on trigger for what could become a harmful allergic reaction. While pollen and the like are more or less unavoidable, spending your springtime afternoons in the shelter of an enclosed porch can make these annoyances of nature a non-issue. Be sure to periodically hose down the exterior of your glass enclosure to avoid pollen buildup, or you might end up seeing yellow!


Furry Friends

We all want our pets to be able to get fresh air just like their owners. But sometimes, letting them roam free in the backyard is not the safest option. Cats and dogs alike can be prone to escaping the confines of the yard as well as running into dangers of all kinds. A screened-in patio offers pets all of the spring breezes and sunlight of an open air yard without you having to worry about the whereabouts and safety of your furry friends. 


Creepy Critters 

Creepy Critters

For as much as we want to keep our pets in, it is just as important to keep non-domesticated critters out. Racoons, opossums, and other scavengers are drawn to open air patios for the ease of access that allows them to dig around for food and take shelter from predators and cold temperatures. If you’re not keen on playing host to a horde of nocturnal critters, a patio enclosure is essential. Even the most simplistic of enclosures will keep out any potential scavengers and give you the peace of mind that your porch will not become a new home for the local varmint population.


Nosey Neighbors

Do you happen to live in a neighborhood that doesn’t provide much seclusion? Enclosures also provide more privacy than your standard patio. Having a private patio deters the wandering eyes of neighbors trying to sneak a peek at the business on your porch. Your backyard is your own personal retreat that should be free of any prying eyes, and a glass or screen enclosure with interior curtains is the perfect solution for keeping personal spaces private. You and your family will never have to worry about meddlesome neighbors as you relax in solitude.