Kids trick or treating on Halloween

There is no Halloween tradition more treasured than trick or treating. It’s a staple of the season that’s fun for both the young and the young at heart – even if you’re just a host! Having the most sought-after home on the block is a dream of many trick or treat hosts, and we have 7 secrets for transforming your home into the haunted hot spot everyone will be talking about. 


Paranormal Activity

Halloween sign on front yard

Think outside the box for creative ways to interact with your trick or treaters. Consider building a DIY candy chute made out of cardboard or PVC pipes that allows you to send candy sliding right into the hands of eager trick or treaters. And a simple lawn maze leading from the street to your front door can give kids a fun challenge on their quest for candy.


Haunted Handouts

Halloween candy in bag

Treats are just as important as tricks when it comes to Halloween. Stock up ahead of time on beloved candies, from chocolate classics to fruity favorites. In the days prior to Halloween, sit down with your family and put together some Halloween themed trick or treat goody bags filled with a wide variety of sweet treats. When Halloween night rolls around, you can spread your “boo bags” on an outdoor table cover and let the costumed kids pick and choose their haul. And don’t hesitate to go all out with your candy selection: your neighborhood’s trick or treaters deserve all the best.


Scare Affair

Whether you’re dreaming up a backyard haunted house or wanting to stick with a more low key front porch display, giving trick or treaters a scare is always a good idea. A cleverly placed canvas tarp or custom tarp gives you the cover you need for a simple jump scare. There are also a number of Halloween yard animatronics available that are programmed to jump and spook trick or treaters at just the right moment. No matter which route you choose, be sure to focus your scares on older kids and stick to just the treats for little ones. 


Costume Crazy

Girl and her dog wearing halloween costume

Creativity reigns on Halloween night, especially when it comes to costumes. Don your scariest or silliest costume for candy duty, or encourage your family to join you in a fun group costume. Choose from classics like the mummy, group laughs dressed as the Adams family, or get all pop culture and dress like L’il Wayne, Neo, or Harry Potter & his crew. Even Fido can get in on the festivities with a special pet costume. Hosting a costume contest for trick or treaters with the grand prize of a king-sized candy bar encourages kids to show up in their Halloween best. Offer prizes for the scariest, funniest, and most creative costumes and get ready to have your mind blown at what the neighborhood kids can come up with. 


Light Up The Night

Halloween decorations

Changing up your outdoor lighting for Halloween night is a tried and true method of creating a spooky and fun atmosphere for trick or treating. Install orange, purple, and red lightbulbs for eerie lighting and opt for flashing strobes and Halloween themed light projectors for the main spectacle. If you have white string lights on hand, DIY ghost lights are a simple and fun way to deck out your front porch railing or hang in your windows. And remember to make sure that the path to your front door is well lit enough for trick or treater safety. 


Spooky Soundtracks

Jack-o-lantern wearing headphones

Bluetooth speakers and your favorite music streaming app can turn a so-so Halloween house into the must-visit spot on Halloween night. From classic Halloween hits to atmospheric spooky sounds like creaking doors, rattling chains, and witch cackles, there’s no limit to the scary soundscapes you can dream up. Place speakers in strategic spots throughout your yard and on your front porch for maximum effectiveness. Take your haunt to the next level by hooking up a microphone to your speakers and beckoning trick or treaters to pay a visit to your creepy candy trove.


Trunk or Treat

Car trunk decorated for Halloween

Set up shop at the end of your driveway with the trunk, hatch, or truck bed of your car decorated to the nines. Hang a custom tarp featuring Halloween graphics like pumpkins, ghosts, and spiders from your trunk or hatchback, and set up a candy stand with a matching outdoor table cover. Set up your wireless speaker to blast your meticulously crafted Halloween night playlist, and you’ve got a trunk or treat party on your hands.