Chevron Sun Shade Sail - Triangle

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Get Protection from Harsh UV Rays with Chevron Sun Shade Sails in Triangle Shape

  • Made of 600 deniers, polyester woven fabric.
  • Resistant to tears, UV rays, water, and abrasions.
  • Customization of size available to get the perfect fit.
  • Apt for moderate weather and comes with up to 1 year of warranty.
  • Optional accessories-turnbuckle, snap hook, pad eye bracket, & screws/roll plugs.


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Durable and Water-Resistant Chevron Sun Shade Sails in Triangle Shape

Rejoicing in the outdoor space during the summer season is a challenge. Excessive sunlight and intolerable heat are the primary hurdles robbing us of our daylight hours. To shield your outdoor space, we recommend using our chevron sun shade sails - triangle. They will not only protect your outdoor space from UV rays but also add an aesthetical touch to your surroundings.

Designed to complement your décor, the chevron style of the shade sail is an inverted V-shaped pattern. It is crafted from Shade Print material which comprises 600 denier woven polyester fabric. The fabric has an acrylic coating on one side that makes the shade waterproof. It also gives a glossy finish to the shade sails making them attractive and easy to spot from afar.

The robust outdoor shades shield your outdoor structures and bring down the temperature marginally. The shades are resistant to water, UV rays, tears, and abrasions. This protects you and your guests from surprise showers and scorching sunlight. Apt for moderate weather conditions, the lightweight shades weigh approximately 8 oz and can be easily installed.

The triangular shape of the sun shade for patio is predominantly beneficial due to its symmetrical beauty when combined with other triangular shades. Choose curved or straight sail side of the shades. The curved shape enhances pull strength and keeps the shade firmly in place while the straight side gives maximum coverage. The durable custom sail shades have a long life and come with warranty coverage of up to 1 year.

Custom-Fit Triangular Chevron Sun Shade Sails

Open areas are different in size and shape. This is the reason we provide customization in the size of our patio shades for any area. Input the values of the shades required for the space and we will deliver the product to your doorstep.

Keep your premises completely dry and clean by getting tailor-made products. Place the order easily by selecting the fabric, and dimensions, and adding accessories if required to your cart.

Install Triangular Chevron Sun Shade Sails Easily

Our outdoor sail shades come with optional accessories for purchase. Available at a nominal cost, these accessories facilitate easy installation. Optional accessories include a turnbuckle, snap hook, pad eye bracket, and screws/roll plugs. Add them to your cart before placing your order for a seamless installation experience.

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