The Complete Placement Guide For Your Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor music can set the mood for everything from pool parties to relaxing evenings in nature. But there are some considerations when it comes to making sure the speakers aren’t just projecting into open and infinite space! The placement of the speakers can be the difference in enjoying that groovy bass line in your favorite song, or wondering where the rhythm went to.

They Say Timing is Everything - For Speakers, Placement is Everything

For example, if your outdoor location has a central deck or patio, you will need to make sure that the speakers angle somewhat toward one another. Otherwise your guests will simply hear whichever speaker they are nearest. If you manage to get the sound to overlap, you can enjoy a stereo effect.

Before you decide upon final placement of each loudspeaker, listen to them at that location to hear how well they project sound. Keep in mind that the higher you mount your speakers, the further distance the sound will reach. The tradeoff, however, is that for the increased range where they project sound, that sound will be thinner and not as robust. A rule of thumb is to keep speakers at or below ten feet for any installation.

How large is the space your speakers need to cover? The audio professionals who install sound systems generally suggest one pair of outdoor speakers to cover an area between 200 and 400 square feet. This makes the maximum size patio or deck would be about 20 x 20 feet.

Amp Up the Sound

If you will be placing multiple pairs of outdoor speakers, an essential piece of equipment is a multi-channel amplifier. Each time another pair of speakers is added to the circuit, the amplifier is doubly taxed. For safety and best sound, a multi-channel amp designed for audio distribution is the best choice.

It's All About That Bass

As for getting that bass effect, outdoor speakers won’t have walls, ceilings and floors to help reinforce the bass by giving it a surface to bounce off of. This is why it’s recommended to avoid mounting bass speakers on a post. These are best placed under the eaves or in a spot where outdoor surfaces of the house meet and can then supply low end sound reinforcement.

Are You Covered?

Speakers can be a big investment, and it’s wonderful when your outdoor speakers deliver amazing sound quality. So when you find the right sound system to give you that audio you can’t live without, there’s no doubt you’ve got to protect it when not in use. The last piece of the sound puzzle is speaker and amplifier covers that will let you rest assured that your sound system will be protected from the elements during the times of year when you’re not outside grooving to the music. So when it’s time to return to the outdoors, you’ll be listening happily to your tunes.