Spring Into The Season : 5 Recommendations for Your Backyard Living Area

Spring is the season of renewal and new life. That makes it the perfect time to embrace the warm weather opportunities your backyard provides. It's out with the old and in with the new season as you transition your outdoor living space for warmer weather, from priming the patio to trimming the lawn. These tips will help channel your inner landscape architect and make the most of your backyard space all season long.


Lawn Lovely


The first step when sprucing up your backyard for spring should be to turn the clock back on areas affected by a harsh winter. Even if you took preventative measures by using covers for outdoor furniture or insulated tarps on the garden in the colder months, there’s bound to be some areas that need some TLC.

Get started by collecting leaves and other yard trimmings into tidy piles on clear vinyl tarps so that they can be easily bagged and disposed of. Once you’ve got a clean slate to work with, you can bring the springtime paradise you have in your head to life. Other spring cleanup tasks to tackle include fertilizing and mulching, trimming trees and shrubs, and inspecting your irrigation and sprinkler systems.

The next step: embracing the power of the flower. Spring is prime time to add azaleas, lavender, and tulips to your garden variety. Grab a sheet of graph paper and sketch out your yard’s best gardening spots. Then use colored pencils to color in and get a good idea of what it will look like. You can then mix and match until you find the exact floral color combination you have in mind. 


Perfect Your Patio


There’s no denying that the patio, complete with its weather-protective covers for outdoor furniture, takes center stage in your backyard. The comfort and practicality of your patio should be a top consideration when it comes to springtime relaxation and entertaining, especially when it comes to outdoor seating.

First and foremost, when you pull your patio furniture out of storage assess it: are you maximizing its versatility? Social pieces like ottomans and chaise lounges are perfect for reading a book but also for the company of friends, helping to seamlessly transition the patio from a space of relaxation to one of entertainment as well. Embrace the best of both worlds with a mix of traditional and more unconventional pieces that’ll have your guests talking. 

Finally, protective measures such as a patio table cover or sofa sectional covers will help preserve the integrity of your outdoor furniture all spring and summer long. With an abundance of pollen and rain showers on the way, it’s crucial that you keep your pieces covered when not in use in order to support their longevity. 


Water Water Everywhere


What’s more pleasing to the eye than a pond or fountain nestled in a lush backyard? Moving water features are a great way to welcome spring without the worry of becoming a hotbed for irritating insects. Consider DIY route and building an elegant koi pond for an exciting aquatic touch.

Likewise, birdbaths are a simple yet charming addition to your backyard menagerie that will attract some fine feathered friends with little effort on your part. Are you in the market for something a little more zen? You can even try your hand at a DIY waterfall. And if you’re in need of a mechanic pump for your water feature, be sure to have protective equipment covers on hand.


Screen Stars

Even the most relaxing of outdoor spaces can be spoiled by pesky insects, the occasional rainstorm, and the cloying humidity of late spring. When approaching the transformation of your outdoor lifestyle area, consider the many possibilities offered by the versatility of a screened-in deck. 

A screened in deck is an indoor-outdoor transitional buffer that allows you to entertain guests in both spaces, creating options for those who prefer the cozy confines of the indoors while also enjoying the fresh air and spring sunshine. You can even match accessories like a patio table cover with your indoor color scheme to create a design balance between the two areas.


Firepit Party

Now that your yard, patio, and furniture have been taken care of, it’s time to focus on small scale aspects of your outdoor living space. Firepits are a perfect example of accessories that deserve a little bit of TLC on your quest to transform your backyard for spring. 

After giving the walls a good scrub down with a rag and cleaning solution, take a few steps to improve the performance and safety of your pit. Spreading sand along the bottom of the pit will add a layer of protection from extreme heat. Keeping in mind the negative effects rain and humidity can have on your firepit, a fire pit cover or, at minimum, a clear vinyl tarp are your best bets to keep your pit safe when spring rains roll in.