Open truck bed

Whether you’re hauling materials for a home improvement project or loading up your truck with luggage for a road trip, reliable tarps are a must-have when it comes to truck bed protection. A custom tarp can make all the difference in the world when it comes to truck hauling, and we’ve gathered just a handful of the many ways these multipurpose mavericks can keep your pickup and its load in tip-top shape.


Measuring Up

Yellow tape measure

Even the highest quality tarp can falter when protecting your pickup if it is not properly sized. Should the tarp run too large, safely securing it to the truck proves to be a challenge, while a tarp too small won’t be able to span the surface area of your truck’s bed, providing shoddy protection. Avoiding these conundrums is simple: before purchasing your truck tarp, take comprehensive measurements of whatever feature you are looking to protect, whether that be the bed alone or the entire vehicle.


Having accurate measurements on hand is essential in ordering a custom tarp tailored to fit your truck. No matter if you’re in need of a large tarp or something smaller, taking the time to custom fit your truck tarp will save you a tremendous amount of time and hassle in the long run. Make sure your measurements are up to par with these simple steps: 


  • Using a tape measure, take measurements from the window to the outer edge of the tailgate. 
  • Next, measure the vertice of your truck by taking measurements of outer edge to outer edge.
  • Repeat the process a second time, just to ensure all measurements are accurate.
  • Once measured, add an extra inch or two to the measurements to add a few inches of slack that drape over the pickup.


Material Matters

When selecting a pickup truck tarp, you need to choose a material that is best suited for your purposes. Is full waterproofing a necessity? Are you transporting fragile or messy materials? Questions like these are crucial in making an informed decision on which material is right for your pickup. However, with the wide number of materials available, it’s crucial that you know what you’re going after when shopping for your truck tarp.


  • Vinyl tarps are perfect for those seeking a strong tarp with elastic protection that provides a tight fit without tearing from abrasion. 
  • PVC is used for heavy-duty tarps and provides thorough protection with a coating that is both waterproof and weather resistant, providing essential protection in the event of inclement weather.
  • Mesh netting material is perfect for truck tarp projects involving lightweight transportation. 


Strap In

Choosing the right tarp tie-down for the job is crucial in ensuring your tarp stays tethered to your pickup. Bungee cords are ubiquitous solutions for securing truck tarps in place. As a tie-down option for truck tarps, bungee cordage offers elastic versatility when strapping your tarp. Heavy duty pickup straps serve as anchors when connecting your tarp to your truck, providing a wide range of reliable security. Chains are the behemoth of tie-downs with their industrial-grade strength and durability in the face of adverse weather or wind.


Grommets or Bust

Tarp with grommets

The best-laid tarps are only as good as the options for effectively securing them to your truck. When on the hunt for a truck tarp, you should always abide by the rule or “grommets or bust.” Any high-quality truck tarp will have the option to add brass or copper grommets. Grommets are the easiest way to secure your tarp to your truck. When combined with a coil of nylon rope and a strong tie for binding, any tarp can be spread tight for both proper protection and security. Here are a few pointers for using tarp grommets without a hassle:


  • Arrange the items you are transporting in an orderly manner, making sure that the load is evenly distributed and flat on top. 
  • Ensure that your coil of nylon rope is long enough to loop through each grommet and span the size of the area you are covering (i.e. the truck bed).
  • Make sure that the grommets are properly aligned to the eyelets found on your truck bed. 
  • Run the rope through the grommets in a weaving pattern on both edges of the tarp. 


Whether you’re on the go, transporting a load in the bed of your pickup, or securing a heavy-duty tarp onto your truck to protect against inclement weather, you can rest assured that grommets are keeping your truck tarp safely secured in any environment.