Patio Decoration Ideas That Will Trend In 2020

Maybe we are just getting into the winter months, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about patio upgrades for the next season. We’re prepared with the hottest predicted patio trends of 2020 so that you can start off the new year with the best outdoor space in the neighborhood. Here are a few ideas that we hope will bring you some inspiration! 


String lighting has quickly become a necessity for any patio. String lights are far superior to other larger lights because they give off just the right amount of brightness and can easily be spread out and linked to more strands to light up your entire space.

String lighting is also affordable and since they plug in versus needing electrical installation they are very DIY friendly. You can also find string lights that you can control from a remote or even right from your smartphone! Be sure to get string lights that are approved for outdoor use! Even if they will be under a covered area, there is always the potential that rainwater can come into contact with their electrical components. As a bonus, most outdoor string lighting is made with shatterproof glass bulbs and since they are heavy-duty, they will last much longer than indoor lighting.

Cozy Up By The Fire

Outdoor fire pits are becoming more common in a standard backyard. There are currently a variety of options including going the DIY route of building one from brick, buying a moveable metal-framed fire pit, or getting a professional-grade cement or stone fire pit installed.

When designing your patio layout, consider using the fire pit as a focal point which will naturally make the space appear bigger. A fire pit creates the perfect ambiance for just about any occasion. Just like with lighting, having a fire pit will extend the life of your party and your outdoor space can be used well into the chilly evenings and cooler months. A fire pit makes you want to be outside, no matter the season.

Covered Space

With many people jumping in with the trend of smaller houses, extending your home with more covered space is becoming more desirable. Whether it’s a beautiful pergola to add a bit of shade (and assist your vining plants while simultaneously making your space lovely), a fully covered canopy or a simple awning, a covered space is sure to increase the amount of time you will spend in your outdoor space.

Adding in a clear curtain to a covered canopy can make this space usable even in heavy rain or cool windy weather. They are easily adjustable and their customizable grommet spacing allows them to be movable when not needed. These can also be incredibly useful when using an outdoor approved electric heater so that you only heat the space that you need to and not your entire backyard.

Varied Seating Arrangements

At a gathering, guests like to mingle. Smaller sections of seating arrangements work best for this purpose. A few seats around the fire pit, some table seating, a sectional, and some bench seating around the pool are all great options. Make sure to arrange seating in a circle when possible to best facilitate conversation.

Bright Colors

Bright colors are back in fashion and that sense of style extends to your patio furniture. You can easily pop a few brightly colored cushions onto your sectional, drape brightly colored throws over your chairs, or place brightly colored pots for your plants around the deck.