Outdoor Daybeds: A Trend That’s Here to Stay

Outdoor daybeds are growing in popularity, and it seems the more people try them, the more people like them. And who can blame them? From loveseats and sofas to loungers, swings, and standard daybeds, these cozy hangout spots make napping irresistible. They are the perfect vessels for sitting back, relaxing and enjoying being outside in the breeze. 

Beds For Whichever Way You Swing (Or Not) 

If you have plenty of space and like the idea of being able to gently swing, a porch swing bed can meet your needs.  Kids of all ages love to curl up with a book or a toy, and the back and forth rocking can help to bring on some of the best naps ever.  

Not into all the movement? Depending upon the space and your taste, a more traditional style daybed might be more up your alley. For those who want a stationary outdoor bed, the choices are limitless. Lightweight plastic and resin bases should be paired with sturdier cushions and pillows to make certain that a good gust of wind won’t leave you chasing your bed down the street!  Or you might select a lovely wrought iron or wooden frame that is sure to stay put.

Placement is Everything 

It’s important to consider the placement of the outdoor daybed when choosing the fabric that will cover the bed. Many will come with waterproof cushions and remove the worry of needing to keep the seats from getting rained on.  But with such wonderful options in fabrics and patterns, if a water-resistant or waterproof fabric isn’t available, you can always buy a protective custom cover to make sure your outdoor bed is protected from the elements. Place your bed in an area that is at least in partial shade if you plan on spending a lot of time in it. Not that we have anything against sun worship - but a cool, shady spot works wonders. 

You might consider a daybed with a built-in or attachable canopy. Not only will you gain cover from the rain, but the additional sun protection will help keep sunburn and excessive heat from being an issue as can sometimes be the case with hammocks or other exposed seating. 

As the weather changes and it’s time to spend more time entertaining and relaxing indoors, you can either cover up or store away your outdoor furniture. However, if the climate where you live remains mild, take advantage of it as long as you can. Daybeds are the perfect spots for summer reading and fall homework. Just add some heavy throws or fleece blankets as the temperature drops and you’re good to go. 

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Investment 

Whatever style outdoor daybed you end up with, you’ll definitely want to protect the investment.  We can fit any standard outdoor bed, but if your bed is more on the unusual side, we can easily design a custom size cover, too.  All of our covers are made with the highest quality waterproof fabrics with air vents to prevent mildew. And when the summer sun returns, simply slide it off and store it away.