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The optimism of the new year brings with it the perfect opportunity to manifest healthy habits in your life. From eating a more balanced diet to spending more quality time with family protected from the weather by your outdoor clear vinyl curtains, there are plenty of positive habits one can take on. Maintaining them can prove to be a challenge, but with these tips on your side, staying on top of your healthy habits will become second nature before you know it. 


Starting Small

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If there is one tip productivity experts can agree on, it’s that starting off small is the key to habit-building success. No one can be expected to tackle their largest goals first, and this is especially true when it comes to starting a new habit. When rearranging your backyard furniture, you start small by taking off the patio furniture covers first. The same principle is true when it comes to implementing a new habit.

The first step is to put your goals in writing. Make a draft list of all of the new habits you want to take on in 2021. From there bullet your list, organizing your goals from simplest, such as taking 15 minutes to tidy up once a day, to more demanding habits like long-term fitness goals. Prioritize setting your smaller goals first and the larger ones will be far easier to achieve. Each completed goal will act as a stepping-stone towards conquering more difficult ones. 


Stack Them Up

There are a number of creative methods at your disposal when it comes to developing healthy habits in the new year. One of the most effective of these is the technique known as habit stacking, a method that’s widely praised by productivity experts. Habit stacking is a simple enough concept: for each new habit you want to develop, attach it to an already existing habit to form an association between the two.

Start simple by stacking your new habits onto daily staples, such as brushing your teeth, checking your email, or removing your lounge chair covers to enjoy the fresh air. Establishing a link between long-held habits and newly developing ones creates a sense of familiarity in your mind that will make practicing new habits second nature in no time. 


Obstacle Course

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For every new habit you set out to implement, there will more than likely be a few speed bumps along the road to a new you. Taking the time to identify and remove these obstacles is the key to developing healthy habits without overworking yourself trying to work around them.

These obstacles can come in many different forms, from junk food in your pantry to too many screens in the bedroom at night. Replace these hurdles with more positive elements that encourage you to stick with your new habits through thick and thin, and you will experience firsthand how much of a difference a positive environment can make.


Positive Reinforcements

Dedication is the name of the game when it comes to developing new habits but sticking to said habits isn’t always a walk in the park. There’s no denying that there will be days when following through on your habit productivity will prove to be a challenge, and that’s where your loved ones come into play.

Having someone close to you that’s able to hold you accountable will have a huge impact on your habit-keeping in the new year. Consider “assigning” each habit to a close friend or family member who can remind you to keep up with said habit and encourage you to push through with it when you’re feeling unmotivated. You can even pull off the sectional sofa cover and invite them over for recurring “check-ins” to discuss your habit keeping progress.


Reward Your Resolutions

Like redesigning your backyard before purchasing outdoor lifestyle covers, taking the pledge to implement beneficial habits in the new year is a major undertaking. Productivity experts recommend establishing a positive connection with these commitments by implementing a personal reward system in conjunction with your new habits.

Personal rewards will look different for each individual. For some, it’s an at-home spa night in the name of self-care. For others, a reward may come in the form of new patio furniture covers such as lounge chair covers or a sectional sofa cover for your backyard living room. Keep tabs on the progress of your habits, and treat yourself with a reward once you hit a milestone of importance, such as one month of daily practice. Just be sure to keep your rewards in check; spoiling yourself too much can be a bad thing in the long run.