Man working from home

Working in a healthy home office is all about getting your routine down to a tee. Establishing a rhythm for productivity has a huge impact on how you work and feel for the rest of the day. Your home is full of distractions you simply don’t encounter at work, especially if you have a house full of other people living, working, or trying to get school work done. Figuring out what works for you can be tricky, complete with a lot of trial and error. However, with these pointers, finding your work from home routine might be a lot easier than you think.


Wake and Shake

When you work from home, the temptation to stay in bed all day can be overwhelming. While it’s okay to sleep in and treat yourself once in a blue moon, it’s better to get out of bed and shake off the good night’s sleep with a morning full of activity. You don’t have to rise at the crack of dawn. Just set your alarm for a comfortable time that allows you to wake up and adequately prepare for your work from home day.


Avoid the Internet

Respect the boundaries between your home life and your work. Avoid logging on as soon as you wake up; unless it’s urgent, your inbox can wait until you’re ready to clock in. In the same regard, try not to waste too much time endlessly scrolling through social media or worrying yourself with the news of the day. Making an active effort to cut down on screen time will help to strengthen the barriers between your social life and career.




We all know how important it is to exercise on a daily basis. Get moving with a walk or find balance with some light yoga. You can even sign up for an online class or follow along to a free tutorial from Youtube. Mix things up so that you don’t become bored or complacent in your workout routine. Try laying out a custom size tarp in the backyard for a DIY exercise mat. With a variety of options to choose from, your possibilities for the perfect workout are endless.


You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Shower

Once you’ve exercised, it’s time to get ready for the day ahead. Showering and getting dressed is the key to confidence and focus for the day. It can be hard not to roll out of bed and move right to your desk, but before you know it, it’s 3 in the afternoon and you have the looming threat of the daily video call looming over your head. Save yourself the stress and prepare yourself for what the day has in store. And if all else fails, you have clean hair and a washed face on your side. 


Break Your Fast

Have your coffee, tea, or whatever else suits your fancy, but make sure you hydrate yourself both at breakfast and during the rest of your day. Consider organizing and preparing not only breakfast but the entire week’s worth of meals before the work week. Easy oats are a delicious and healthy option for breakfast, while salad with protein are excellent options for lunch. Challenge yourself not to stuff your face with junk foods. Spring and early summer are the perfect time to remove the tarps and covers from your backyard patio and take lunch outside. Your mind and body will thank you.


Set Your Goals for the Day

Think about what you want to achieve at work. Go through your to-do list and set yourself realistic goals for the day. Think about what needs to happen for you to achieve your goals and set a plan for accomplishing them. Stick to a maximum of five goals and limit the amount of decisions you have to make while on the clock.



Set aside time every morning to do some household work before starting your day online. This will help you be more productive before you start working and you’ll be less inclined to throw a load of laundry in the washer or cleaning up while you’re procrastinating at your desk. Be time-efficient and set an alarm on your phone to avoid getting carried away. Do whatever you have time for and then stop.


Listen to Music or a Podcast

Listen to Music or a Podcast

Make sure your day includes something that makes you happy. You could, for example, listen to music while you’re working. Catch up with your favorite podcast and get yourself into the zone. Enjoying some time to yourself helps to stimulate productivity before the madness begins will make you feel more at ease.