How To Keep Birds Away From Your Patio, Pool & Garden

Birds are a fact of backyard life. They reside in every type of climate and flock to any sized space, from the most spacious of lawns to the most modest of balconies. And while beautiful and entertaining to observe, they can oftentimes be a nuisance to homeowners. Whether they are eating up your vegetable garden, ruining wood surfaces, or leaving droppings all over your belongings, an abundance of birds can sometimes bring you more harm than good. Fortunately, there are a number of safe, proven methods for keeping backyard birds at bay.



The Bully on the Block

The most popular solution to a bird infestation problem is to install fake predators in your yard. All animals fear being prey to a larger and more powerful creature, and this is especially true for common birds. When strategically placed in your yard, plastic yet lifelike figures such as an owl, snake, or falcon will intimidate any and all birds that have a habit of hanging around long past their welcome. It is important to note, however, that these plastic predators must be moved around to different spots in your yard on a near daily basis so the prey doesn’t catch on to the trick. 



Blind Them by the Light

If imitation owls aren’t your thing, you may want to consider hanging up something flashier to keep the flocks away. Blinder rods, despite their rather intimidating name, are decorative hanging rods with a holographic sheen that produce a bright but harmless shine. When hit with sunlight, they reflect a glare that confuses and disorients birds looking to scavenge. And you may not even need to go to the store to pick up a designated rod: old CDs can be hung up with string and produce the same blinding effect. How’s that for upcycling?



A Natural Way to Spray

Many retailers offer chemical solutions for keeping birds away from your garden. Unfortunately, a good number of these products do more harm than good in the end, as they can kill off beneficial insect life and cause birds to become ill. Since your goal is to simply deter birds instead of hurt them, a non-toxic homemade repellent is a far more humane option. Many gardeners swear by a spray consisting of only 3 ingredients: crushed chili peppers, water, and vinegar. Squirting this mixture on your plants will give birds an unpleasant surprise when they go to chomp on what they presume to be a tasty treat. This method of repellant is perfect for anyone looking to keep things eco-friendly and avian safe.



It’s not Music to Their Ears

Some gardeners have opted to go down a more hi-tech route for driving away birds. With the help of CDs or streaming audio, homeowners can play the sounds of predator calls, birds in distress, or even high pitched, ultrasonic soundbeams that are undetectable to human ears but harsh and irritating to any birds nearby. Speakers with custom sized covers can be placed in both your front and backyards for maximum coverage. 



Maintain Your Space

Your backyard provides ample opportunity for droves of birds to take cover in hard to reach spots. Dead trees, logs, dense weeds and bushes, and even your own patio furniture create safe havens for birds that know they are being chased away. Perpetually clearing out your yard of debris and natural obstacles is a helpful habit to pick up, whether through regular weeding, dead tree removal, or lawn mowing. And as far as furniture goes, a heavy duty protective cover will keep birds from nesting or hiding away in your couches and papasans.