American flag and drinks

Memorial Day is the official start to backyard barbeque season. And while the festivities may be a little different this year, you can still ensure good times are right around the corner for this summer and beyond. So pull off the grill covers and roll out the propane or charcoal because it’s time to figure out your Memorial Day Weekend Good Time Game Plan. Luckily, we’re here to help with creative inspirations the whole family can enjoy.


Keep Things Low Key

Cabin fever has got everyone itching to get back to doing what we love. For many of us, that means entertaining friends and family on your backyard porch or patio - especially for Summer holidays like Memorial Day. This year we recommend turning that big barbeque into a more intimate affair with just the family by having a fun, low key backyard dinner. With a smaller get together comes the opportunity to hit ‘refresh’ on your traditional party and reboot for the smaller group of guests. Switch from traditional hamburgers & hotdogs to chicken, lamb, and shrimp. Trade beer for signature cocktails for the adults and smoothies or milkshakes for the kids to enjoy while relaxing on furniture that you keep protected with outdoor cushion covers. These small changes make a big difference in keeping your social isolation time fun and creative.


Let the Games Begin

We may not be visiting Tokyo until 2021, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a modified version of the Olympics home with a backyard field day - just in time for Memorial Day. Take your summer games to the next level with these all in good fun ideas.


  • Renew. Reuse. Recycle. Bowling.
    Backyard bowling is always a blast. Instead of going out and purchasing bowling pins, why not make your own set using recycled bottles? You can paint them up to look like the real thing and weigh them down with sand. All you need is a smaller ball like a baseball, tennis ball, or softball and good aim to roll a strike.

  • Big Ole Jenga
    Jenga might not be America’s official pastime, but it should be. And a jumbo Jenga game should definitely be on your Memorial Day fun and games to-do list. Get some 1”x2” wood and cut them into the size of your choice. Jenga time!

  • Pop. Pop. Pop.
    Bring a classic carnival game home with backyard balloon darts. Imagine the satisfying “Pop!” whenever you hit the board! Need we say more?

  • Water Balloon Ball
    This game is exactly what it sounds like. Baseball, but ten times more fun because you’re playing with water balloons! Be sure to keep some towels on standby - you’re gonna get wet. 

  • Yardzee
    Like Jenga, all small games can be turned up to eleven with a supersized backyard version. Get some big wood blocks, a marker to turn them into dice, and start up a big game of Yahtzee!

  • Bring Back the Classics
    How long has it been since you played some spirited croquet? Or let the bocce balls fly? These games are perfect for hours of family fun and turn a favorite holiday into a raucous good time.


American Graffiti

This inspiration is for the artists among us. It’s easy to find some artistic inspiration from the outdoors.  Put the ideas in your head into action with a driveway chalk mural. Bring something patriotic to the neighborhood with a picture perfect mural for Memorial Day. Or, you could even honor frontline health workers with a mural inspired by their resilience in this time. The possibilities for channeling your creativity energy into a beautiful piece of art are endless.


Caring is Sharing

Find joy in helping others this Memorial Day Weekend. From putting together care packages for military troops to donating flowers to local national cemeteries, your kindness can have a huge impact in someone else’s life. Maybe you’re planning on baking your traditional Memorial Day apple pie. This year you can do something as small as making double and delivering the extra to a neighbor’s porch. These small acts encapsulate the true spirit of celebration and brings you closer to your community. 


Even Brighter Than the Moon

If you live in a state where fireworks are legal, light up your neighborhood’s nighttime sky with a dazzling exercise in pyrotechnics. Fireworks are the perfect way to punctuate any Memorial Day festivity with the ending it deserves. Stupendous firework shows depend on two things: quantity and quality. If you live in a neighborhood where Memorial Day Fireworks are a fixture, see if you can rally the troops and create a collaborative firework show by flipping the script and moving your family party into the driveway. Choreographing your own display is a lot easier than you think, especially when you’re playing it safe. Bolster cushion covers protect your outdoor cushions from any stray ashes or smoke, and adhering to local fire code regulations keeps everyone safe and entertained. Who says you have to go to the park for an impressive fireworks display?