woman reading by the pool

Once you have it cleaned and ready to go, a backyard pool is the ultimate place for gathering friends and family during the hot summer months, and outdoor furniture has come a long way from cheap plastic sun chairs and questionable lawn ornaments. Adding inviting furniture transforms your pool area into a comfortable lounging area for everyone to enjoy. By using these popular pool furniture themes to reinvent the look of your pool area, the backyard oasis of your dreams is only a few pieces of furniture away. 


Bistro Beautiful

After a long day of swimming laps and playing Marco Polo, your family is bound to have their stomachs growling. Why bother with all the hassle of having to dry off and get dressed to eat inside when you can enjoy lunch or dinner poolside? Bistro table sets are the perfect low maintenance option for pool friendly dining. Their smaller size means easy maintenance and a low profile as opposed to a cumbersome dining table, and many bistro sets feature nautical or tropical inspired design schemes that will mesh seamlessly with your aquatic aesthetic. No matter if you’re serving up sandwiches or salmon, these nifty dining sets are the way to go when designing a no-fuss poolside area. 



Nothing makes a pool area look more chaotic and messy than pool noodles, floaties, and towels laying around everywhere. Keep the clutter out of sight and out of mind with a poolside storage bench or two. These useful accessories come in a range of sizes for every level of storage, and can be moved around easily when the mood to rearrange strikes. Got curious kids or lots of critters in your backyard? Invest in a storage bench that features a lock on the lid to keep out any prying paws. And if you are in need of some extra poolside seating when guests come over for a pool party, custom covered cushions and pillows can be placed on top of a bench for a quick comfort fix with an outdoor storage chest cover for added protection. With an outdoor pool bench, you can say goodbye to tripping over ring floats and hello to classy, convenient storage solutions.


Hammock Hanging

Hammock Hanging

What’s better than an afternoon nap after taking a dip in the pool? An outdoor hammock gives you all the comforts of your bed while keeping you in the fresh air and cooling shade. As aesthetically pleasing as they are comfortable, hammocks can be easily dressed up with some colorful throw pillows, bolster cushions, or a lightweight blanket. You can channel the lush mood of a South Pacific resort with a hammock or two installed poolside for easy access to the water. Some outdoor design enthusiasts even hang hammocks over their pools, using pergolas as the support system. There are many reasons backyard hammocks continue to be so popular, and your pool is the perfect place to install one of these beloved pieces. 


Bar Bonanza

Pina coladas, mojitos, and mimosas are just a few of the many summer friendly adult beverages you can whip up in a poolside bar. While a backyard bar with a pool view may seem like a luxury only found in resorts, installing or building your own personal pool bar is a relatively easy task to take on. Many outdoor retailers sell premade bars that can be installed, or you can go the DIY route and create the outdoor bar you’ve always wanted. Once your bar is ready for action, add some bar stools with cushions and decorations with a poolside theme to transform a basic bar into a poolside paradise. 


Lounging About

Lounging About

The words “lounge chair” often bring to mind images of neon colored plastic and rusty aluminum handles. Thankfully, the quality of outdoor leisure furniture has stepped up from cheap lawn chairs to become statement pieces that are as comfortable as they are aesthetically pleasing. A row of chaise lounge chairs lined up beside your backyard pool creates a welcoming environment where you and your family can relax and catch some rays in between swimming laps. There is a huge variety of materials and design styles for outdoor lounge chairs, from rustic woods to sleek metals, which means you are able to pick a lounge chair that’s tailored to your own design. No matter which type you choose, be sure to cover up with chaise covers for rainy days and UV protection.