How Gas Lamps Can Cozy Up Your Outdoor Space this Fall?

You might not immediately think of gas lamps as an outdoor lighting option for outside your home. However, there are a number of reasons why this older style of illumination could be a timeless way to bring light and warmth to your outdoor decor.

An Old Lighting System Making a Comeback in Modern Decor

Gas lighting, once the way for cities to illuminate the night streets in the days before electricity, is making a comeback in home decorating because of its ease of use and visual attractiveness. This style of lighting can be a surefire way to increase curb appeal, while also adding charm and a distinctive look to the deck, patio, driveway or front or rear entrance of your house.

With no lightbulbs to change and no harsh glare, gas lights can give off illumination equivalent to a 60 watt bulb. The light emitted is amber in color, which does not attract insects despite its relative brightness.

Gas lighting is also an incredibly safe option that will continue to provide light even in cases of power outages. Additionally, gas lighting comes with a baffling system to keep the flame burning and automatic gas shutoff valves in case the flame is extinguished. And the models with an automatic reignite feature will relight if the flame is blown out.

Safe, Convenient and Energy-Saving Options

One popular option is to select a gas lamp that has an electronic ignition and can be manually turned on and off with a standard light switch. Many of the newer model gas lamps come with an electronic gas safety starter on a timer or switch. This feature turns on the lamp at sundown and then turns it off again when the sun rises. This light-sensing feature can provide savings of up to 50 percent on energy costs. The option also exists to choose battery-operated models. With fuel-saving features built in, optional dimmers or electronic ignitions may make these even an even more cost efficient selection for lighting the exterior.

Gas lights are designed to be weatherproof and hardy to the elements, so they’re sure to be a long lasting addition if well cared for.

The gentle, flickering light emitted by gas lanterns is an attractive addition to the outside of any home. No matter the taste or style preferred, there are a variety of options that can match whatever you want! No matter if your preference is for hanging lanterns, wall or post mounted options, or even tiki torch type lights, there is a gas lighting option for everyone. Maybe your outdoor space can use the addition of comfortable ambient lighting to make entertaining or just relaxing outside a more enjoyable and perhaps enlightening experience.