Get Your Patio NFL Kick Off Ready!

Football season is upon us, and this year marks the 100th season for the National Football League. The NFL kickoff game is September 5th, starting off the season with the Chicago Bears against the Green Bay Packers. Regardless of which team you’re rooting for, it should be an exciting game. The 2019 season will wrap up with Super Bowl LIV at the Hard Rock stadium in Miami on February 2. For you, that means months of football to look forward to watching on your flat screen, and why not make it an outside party?

Your patio, deck or porch are perfect places to enjoy football season, and with a weekend coming up, there’s no better time to make your outside space game day ready. We’ve put together a short checklist so you can get your patio ready for kickoff.

First And Foremost, Prime Your Outdoor TV

If there was ever a time to upgrade your TV, this is it. Get something the right size for viewing in the space you plan to use it. Make sure it’s big enough to see from several feet away, but not so huge it makes your patio look overwhelmed. Position it so it’s in an area everyone can see when seated. If possible, hung above your patio bar is a good spot, or you may want to place it in your outdoor lounge area. Wherever you choose to watch your TV, just make sure you don’t have a mess of wires exposed or on the floor. This is not only unsafe, but will make your patio look messy.

Clean Up Your Act

The patio is an often neglected part of the house, but it needs regular cleaning like any other room, if not more so. Sweep, dust, wipe down your bar area, and your patio table. Have you checked your outdoor sofa and chairs lately? Seat cushions and pillows need to be washed or at least wiped down due to outdoor dirt and pollen. Always check the label for cleaning instructions. Weatherproof fabrics are easiest to care for, and outdoor furniture covers are useful for keeping your seating area clean and ready for company. Make sure your covers give a snug fit to keep moisture out all year round.

If you grill frequently, make sure your grill is ready for the big game. A clean grill will make your food taste more flavorful, and it’s an important part of grilling safety. Old grease is no bueno, so give your grill a thorough scrubbing before you start flipping those burgers. When you’re finished with your cookout, cover your grill after allowing it to cool and cleaning it out.

Is Everyone Comfortable?

There’s no point in having a patio to enjoy and not have comfortable seating. In fact, the outdoor furniture you buy can have a profound impact on how much time you actually spend on your patio or porch. No one likes hard, uncomfortable chairs - especially when trying to enjoy the big game! So choose your chairs and outdoor sofa wisely. And remember to take care of your outdoor furniture even when you aren’t using it by covering it with waterproof covers that keep it clean and dry. The same goes for barstools. Buy bar stools that are the appropriate height for your bar, and if backless stools aren’t comfortable for you, switch them out for stools that have backs. Seat cushions are also helpful, and remember to cover bar stools the same as you would your other chairs. No wet seats at your NFL party!

It's Time To Kick Off!

Now that your patio is clean and comfortable and your TV is ready for action, all that’s left to do is add some finishing touches to make your patio your new go-to for watching the game all season long. Depending on where you live, as the weather turns cooler consider adding some gas lamps and space heaters to warm up the space. Gas lamps also add a cozy ambience, making your patio inviting and ready for friends to gather. Outdoor rugs will also make your patio area more homey, and are easy to clean. Your friends may never want to leave - and we’ll let you decide if that’s a good or a bad thing. Now all you need is a winning recipe for chicken wings.