Fall-bulous Front Porch Looks For This Season

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still make the most of your outdoor living space. Between pumpkins, some fresh fall colors, and a plethora of seasonal flowers, you can make your porch look fall fabulous with just a few simple tricks!

Fall Front Porch Flowers

The days are getting cooler, but that doesn’t mean gardening season is over. Marigolds, Chrysanthemums, Heleniums, Goldenrods, and Oxalis will all thrive in fall weather. These hearty fall flowers come in an array of colors that are sure to make your front porch pop. All of these plants will look stunning in window boxes or hanging baskets. Better yet, pop them into small silver buckets and line them along the stairs, or you can easily arrange them together in large, ceramic pots as well.

Sweet Autumn Clematis is a fall-blooming flower that has lovely white blooms which will really stand out compared to traditional fall colors. They do well when planted in a large container, but as a climbing plant, Clematis truly thrives on a trellis— which is also a sophisticated way to create some privacy from neighbors while keeping your space feeling airy and open. The best part about this flower is its sweet smell, making it a great addition near a window that you can open on warm fall days or at the entryway of your home for guests to enjoy as they arrive.

Front Door Decor

Now that you have flowers lining your steps, it’s time to spruce up that front door! A fresh fall wreath can be a breathtakingly beautiful focal point. You can buy one premade or you can easily make one yourself with a variety of simple items from the local craft store, such as a wreath frame, dried corn husks, burlap ribbon, and a variety of faux fall flowers.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

Just because Halloween is over, doesn’t mean pumpkins are off the table. Forget big, boring orange pumpkins—these gourds come in so many sizes, shapes, and patterns, there really is no end to the ways they can be used. Group a variety of striped yellow and dark green pumpkins together in a bowl or line medium-sized ones along the stairs alternating between your flower pots. To make an entryway really eye-catching, place larger white pumpkins by the door.

A Pop Of Fall Color For The Patio

Your front porch is ready for fall! If you’ll be spending time on your patio entertaining guests and warming up around the fire pit, you’ll want to freshen it up for the season as well. The easiest way to bring in seasonal colors is by adding plush outdoor pillows or colorful, cozy throw blankets. You can even tie your color scheme together by matching them to your grill covers or fire pit covers.

The same potted plants that are gracing your front porch will look great on your outdoor tables and lined in boxes along patio railings. This will really unite your outdoor look! Don’t forget to create some ambiance with candles or outdoor string lighting, so you can enjoy your fall outdoor space well into the evening hours.