Everything You Need To Know About Our New Products

Just when you thought we have covered it all, we are proud to introduce new arrivals to protect more of your outdoor possessions in the new year.
From your grandmother's porch swing to modern daybeds, from grills to fire pits, we take pride in designing covers that protect your possessions from harsh weather and unwanted elements. We aim to simplify outdoor maintenance with premium customized covering solutions. To take this mission further, we are pleased to introduce a new line of products.

New Launch #1 - Straight Sofa Covers

Straight Sofas Or Straight Back Sofas are one of the most popular sofa styles for the patio. This traditional seating got its name because the backrest of the sofa is leveled with the height of the armrests. It's known as a Tuxedo Sofa, maybe because these were quite popular in the 1900's in parties where people used to wear tuxedos.

Protecting From Harsh Weather & Elements

Whether you’ve straight sofa is new or many years old, it is important to maintain it for a longer life. Enter Straight Back Sofa Covers - an easy way to protect your sofa from harsh weather and harmful outdoor elements.

  • Made From 100% Waterproof Material

  • Multiple Tie-Downs Available For Secure & Sturdy Fit.

  • 10+ Color Options Available To Suit Your Designs

  • Easy Access Handles For Seamless Removal

  • 100% UV Resistant To Prevent Sun-Fading

New Launch #2 - Zero Gravity Chair Covers

Also known as Stress Relief Chairs, Zero Gravity Chairs position your body in a way that makes you feel weightless. This works by elevating your feet to be at the same level as your heart. When you achieve this position, you minimize the toll that gravity takes on your body every day. This includes reducing strain on your vertebrae, relieving back pain, improving circulation, and cushioning sore muscles.

Protect The One That Protects You

While your zero gravity chair helps you reduce stress, you can, in turn, do it a favor and offer it proper protection from harmful UV rays, dirt, rain, etc. by covering it with premium zero gravity chair covers, when not in use.

  • Highly Durable Scratch & Tear-Resistant Material

  • Air Vents For Proper Ventilation

  • Choose From Over 10+ Beautiful Colors

  • 100% UV Resistant & Waterproof Fabric

  • Ideal Material For All Weather Conditions

New Launch #3 - Outdoor Pizza Oven Covers

An Outdoor Pizza Oven is the perfect addition to your backyard's party setup! Bring out your dough-tossing skills and impress your guests like a master chef, Italian style.

Portable or In-Built - We Cover It All

You don’t use your outdoor pizza over every day. When not in use, it is suggested to cover them for proper protection.

  • Well-Fitted Custom Made Covers For All Outdoor Pizza Oven Brands

  • Tie-Downs To Secure The Cover On Windy/Rainy Days.

  • Double Seam Stitching For Strength And Durability

  • Air Vents To Reduce Condensation And Wind Lofting

  • Handles For Easy Fitting And Removal

New Launch #4 - Jet Ski Cover

Ah, the motorcycle of the sea! While Jet Ski is a trademark used by Kawasaki for its line of motorcraft, today it has become a generic term. With its increasing popularity and launch of new designs, more and more water enthusiasts are purchasing this aqua baby.

Your Prized Possessions Need Special Care

With such a great hobby comes great responsibility. One of the easiest ways to maintain your jet ski is by covering it up when not in use. No matter which brand you own, Covers & All will set you up with custom made covers for jet skis of all shapes & sizes.

  • 100% Waterproof & UV Resistant

  • Choose From A Variety Of Color Options

  • Handles For Seamless Cover Put-On Or Removal

  • Multiple Tie-Downs For Additional Security

  • Protection From Rain, Snow, Dirt & Dust

  • Air Vents To Prevent Mold & Mildew Growth

New Launch #5 - Golf Cart Covers

Another luxurious and impressive product- currently both gas and electric carts are popular. For many people, it is more than just a golf cart. People use golf carts to get around campgrounds, apartment complexes, farms, storage units, beaches, warehouses and more.

Rain - Water - Snow - We Protect Your Golf Cart From Everything

Our newly launched golf cart covers have been designed keeping our customers in mind. That’s why all our covers come with unique and useful features that make them the best option for protecting your golf cart.

  • 100% Waterproof & Uv Resistant

  • Elasticized Cord For A Snugger Fit

  • Dual Air Vents Provide Airflow For Hot Days

  • Rear Air Vents To Keep Mildew From Forming On The Interior

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