Did You Know That July 28th Is Parent’s Day?

If not, don’t worry. There’s still time for you to surprise both mom and dad this year and show them how much you really do care - even if you don’t always show it. They did bring you into this world, after all.

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day behind us, this is the perfect time to give your parents a gift as a couple, and let’s be honest, it’s also a chance to redeem yourself if you messed up those other two holidays. Hey, you’re only human.

Why Is Parent's Day Celebrated In The USA?

But first, a bit of history. How did Parent’s Day even become a national holiday? Well, you have former President Bill Clinton to thank for that. He established Parent’s Day as a national holiday in 1994 and since then we have celebrated it on the fourth Sunday in July, giving Americans another reason to fire up the barbecue three weeks after Independence Day. 

Fortunately, Parent’s Day falls smack dab in the heat of summer for most parts of the US, making it an ideal occasion for an outdoor-themed gift or celebration. Forget about gift cards, socks, and sentimental card-giving. Save those for birthdays and Christmas. Parent’s Day is for fun - an unexpected time for mom and dad to get something from their kids they never saw coming (because they probably aren’t even aware this holiday exists).

Creative Ways To Surprise Your Folks On Parents Day and Earn Major Kid Brownie Points

It's All In The Family Name

Show them how proud you are of the family by having the family name or crest printed on something unique, like their game table cover, patio table cover or fire pit cover. These are places where family memories are made, where you’ve sat around a fire and shared evening chats, where you’ve shared meals and laughed and cried and argued. Where you sat and played cards, or simply sat together not talking much at all. Commemorating these moments with the stamp of your family’s name on the covers that protect them is a special way of saying “these things mean something to me, to us. This is who we are.”

If you want to take it a step further and really outdo yourself (or make up for lost time), you can have the family name or crest printed on all of their outdoor furniture covers, or pool, spa, or grill cover.

Speaking of grills, grilling out is a family activity, and a surprise gift like new grill tools or even a whole new grill is guaranteedto bring the family together. Some creative ideas to make the grill they already have personal are monogrammedgrill tools, aprons, or a custom grill cover in a bold color.

We especially love the idea of adding the family name to their grill cover! Even if you don’t have a family crest, adding your family name in a nice design is a unique touch, especially since the grill is visible most of the time, sitting there on the deck or on the back patio. Why not make it pleasant to look at instead of a bulky grey eye soar? And if just the family name seems too boring for your taste, you can customize with any type of artwork, images or logos you want, so you can truly make a unique gift that will delight mom and dad while also giving them something functional they can use.

And don’t worry if their table or fire pit or whatever it is you want to cover for them is an unusual size or shape. We custom fit everything. So if you know they’ve been wanting to cover their hexagon shaped ceramic fire pit they found at that flea market, but they figure it just doesn’t exist, well, now’s your chance to make it happen. Trust us, they'll be impressed. Show off.

Your Parents Fed You Your Whole Life - Now It’s Your Turn

While we’re talking about grill and furniture covers, another cool gift idea for the people who gave you life is to surprise them with an amazing meal you cook yourself - and don’t forget to handle all the cleanup after. Now is your chance to show your appreciation, spend time with the people who, just like you aren’t going to live forever, and make more memories while the sun is still high in the sky.

Now all you need is the wine and thes’moresand Parent’s Day is off to a winning start!